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english ale with slovenian hops
ABV: 5%
0,5 l bottle

Hops: Styrian Gold, Styrian Wolf

This lightly bitter English style ale is refreshing and easy to drink. Its flavours and aromas include hints of caramel, sweet fruit and elderflower. It is brewed only with autochthonous Slovenian hops, bred at the Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing in Žalec. It is the only beer that was made on the home brew system and still exist in regular production.


session IPA
ABV: 5,6%
0,33l can

Hops: Citra, Cenntenial

An american style session IPA that offers a maximum range od taste while maintaining the lightest and noncomplex body. Its aromas consist of intense notes of lemon and lime and subtle hints of grapefruit. The high amount of citrusy American hops ranks this beer at the top of its style qualification.


modern american pale ale
ABV: 6,2%
0,33l can

Hops: Citra, Mosaic

This modern APA is remarkable because of its intense tropical fruity aroma, mostly consisting of mango, grapefruit and passion fruit. The rich aroma follows through on the taste. New American hops combined with oats transform this beer into a hazy, fruity juice bomb and a modern classic in the making. It is the best rated Slovenian pale ale with an Untappd score of 3.89/5.


ABV: 6%
0,33l can

Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Ekuanot

This orange juice like beer offers the most amazing combination of fruity aromas, that will transport your mind to the depths of the tropical forest. One of the latest trends in the craft brewing revolution combines light bitterness and carbonisation with heavy hoppiness and haziness. Each batch is made with different hops so you can always expect something new and daring.


ABV: 6,8%
0,33l can

Hops: Mosaic

Untappd Score: 4,12

P.O.B. was the first proper NEIPA that we brewed and it is also one of our favorites. Althrough it has 6,8%, it is hard to believe you’re drinking beer, because it looks and tastes as a mango juice. With the first sip, tropical taste and aroma will take you in your mind to a tropical paradise. Wherever you want to go.


Lobik double IPA
ABV: 8,4%
0,33l can

Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo

Untappd Score: 4,13

As all summer beers are, this one is a double IPA with 8,4% alcohol. It is crystal clear and caramely in colour, ballanced body is carried away with abundance of fruity flavours. Bridge of bones is a concept of beer, where old meets new, it is a hybrid of extremes of both worlds East and West coast. It is extremly fruity and hoppy, yet it is crisp and clean.


double NEIPA
ABV: 8%
0,33l can

Hops: Citra, Cryo Mosaic

Untappd Score: 4,18

This DDH double NEIPA was inspired by the Blink 182 album by the same name, that has defined us during our youth into the people and brewers we are now. This raw explosion of tropical fruits, especially mango and passion fruit, extreme hazyness and silky smooth texture, will inspire you to sing with us!  NA NA NANA NANAAAAAA! Ok, maybe because of the 8%. Maybe.


ABV: 6,8%
0,33l can

Hops: Mosaic, Galaxy

Untappd Score: 4,17

This NEIPA is tehnically perfectly executed version of this style with maximum drinkability. It contains statistically best hop combination in the World, Mosaic – Galaxy. The added yeast esters a guarantee of minimal bitterness and maximum fruitiness. It is not a classical interpretation of a style, but our version.


double NEIPA
ABV: 8,3%
0,33l can

Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic

Untappd Score: 4,27

This double NEIPA has the biggest amount of hops out of all our “regular” beers and our own NEIPA yeast. A combination of hops and yeast gives us nuclear amounts of fruity aromas, especially tropical fruits and citruses. Because of the enormous amounts of ingredients, this beer is named after a NATO military manoeuvres, one of the moments the world was the closest to nuclear armageddon. This symbolises nuclear amounts of taste, Able Archer 83′ leaves in your mouth.


double IPA
ABV: 8,4%
0,33l can

Hops: Citra

Untappd Score: 4,17

This is an all American double IPA. It is hopped with Citra hops, which means a bunch of grapefruity and citrusy aromas. With clear look, crisp body it is extremly drinkable for its 8,4% ABV. It is named after probably objectivly the best movie of all time. NIEMAND FICKT MIT MAASKANTJE, JUNGE!


old school double IPA
ABV: 8%
0,33l can

Hops: Cascade, Columbus

Untappd Score: 4,3

This Old school Double IPA is brewed in style that kickstarted the craft beer revolution and defined craft beer landscape for decades to come. It pours crystal clear and tastes very bitter with aromas of grapefruit and pine. As the name suggests, we grew up with this beer as brewers and a brewery. Even though we are known for NEIPAS we have respect for this beer style and we will ALWAYS love to drink it and brew it. We just make it two times stronger and hoppier.


uncarbonated sour ale
ABV: 8%
0,75l bottles

Biere Plane is the first ever beer brewed after we’ve moved and purchased our new brewing system. Plane was primarily fermented for about 2 months in stainless steel fermentor without temperature control with 15th generation of our saison strain yeast. After it was moved in two french oak barrels, that previously held Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wine, with wine lees and local wild yeast, where it aged for further 10 months. We don’t think that barrel aged sours really need bubbles. So we released that one non-carbonated. Because we can.


blueberry lambic
ABV: 7,5%
0,33l bottle

Untappd Score: 4,1

Base of this beer is a sour beer, almost a lambic, that was barrel fermented and then aged in blue franconian barrels for year and a half. 2-3 months before it is bottled, we add 350g/l of blueberries and wait for them to get the colour and aroma from them. As a result, here before you stands a blueberry juice that just happens to have alcohol.


imperial stout
ABV: 14%
0,33l bottle

Untappd Score: 4,29

Life of Mephistopheles started long time ago, when we were still home brewers. We made a small batch of imperial stout back in December 2015. Then we forgot about it. Then we opened our brewery and in March 2016 brewed another imperial stout and one more in April. We barrel aged them in wine barrels (Pinot Noir and Bluefranconian French Oak barrels) for a year. Because barrel ageing takes time and you can’t barrel age imperial stout for less than a year unless you are a p****. And then we blended and bottled our 2015 and 2016 stouts together and aged them a bit more in bottles.


farmhouse saison
ABV: 7,9%
0,33l bottles

Untappd Score: 4,1

Saison d’Aviron is our first official wild beer release made with our house yeast. It marks the beginning of Lobik’s barrel age and wild beer program. Saison d’Aviron is fermented with Belgian style Saccharomyces yeast and portion of our house yeast (’isolated’ from different grapes and berries), that include wild Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces strains. After a month long fermentation in stainless steel it was aged for almost a year in barrels and another two to three months in bottles prior to release. Drink it now or age it for a more funky, bretty experience.


flaners red sour ale
ABV: 7,5%
0,33l bottles

Untappd Score: 3,9

It is an aged red ale beer that rested for 20 months in Blue Franconian wine barrels along side grape lees. The taste is defined with distinct wine barrel and sour cherry notes. One Untappd user graphically described it as “Woddy McCherries Sundae.”