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This legal notice covers the web page www.lobikbrewery.com


The information is used to improve user experience while browsing our web pages and to have a better understanding of users’ needs and demands. The information is mostly used to fulfil orders; offer support to our users; to inform public about latest news and changes in our offer; to communicate with our customers etc.
The information gathered through our webpage will not be disclosed to third parties in any way (except if stated otherwise). Any potential forwarding of your personal data to a third party can only be done with your consent.


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Cookies from third party websites used on http://www.lobikbrewery.com
– dsk; cookies meant for settings
– _ga, _gat, _gid; cookies meant for google analytics
– pll_language; google meant for language settings
– wp_protection; wordpress cookies meant for back-end system handling
– use_hitbox, PREF, YSC; cookies for working with youtube


Alen Zarič s.p. (if not stated otherwise) holds intellectual property rights for all the material found on www.lobikbrewery.com, either in the form of HTML files, text material, photos, audio/video files or in any other form.
Alen Zarič s.p. allows you to use the contents (displaying on your computer, printing, downloading, playing of audio and video files, etc.) only for non-commercial or educational purposes providing you preserve all the information regarding intellectual property right.


Alen Zarič s.p. cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy, integrity or appropriateness of information that can be found on on www.lobikbrewery.com.
Alen Zarič s.p. also cannot be held responsible for any damage in connection to the site visit or possible viruses that might be downloaded from the company’s web page.
Alen Zarič s.p. cannot be held responsible for possible temporary non-functioning of the web page, inaccuracy of information or for damages that arise from the use of such information.
The company reserves the right to redirect our web page users to other World Wide Web sites. However, the company cannot be held responsible for their contents. In no way can Alen Zarič s.p. be held responsible for any direct, indirect, coincidental and unintentional damages that arise from the use of information found on www.lobikbrewery.com.


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